Should I Put The Washing Out?

The app is now free!

Someone recently created a free clone of Should I Put The Washing Out? While I genuinely think my app is better quality and worth the £0.99 I was charging, I can’t help but think that he’s going to get all the downloads, while it’s going to be slow growth for us.

So hopefully, since both apps will no longer be compared on price, they’ll be compared on quality instead which is where I think mine stands out.

The new plan to monetise the app going forward is to build a small subscription feature that’ll check the weather ahead of time and notify/warn you when relevant. Adverts in apps just fucking annoy me so I definitely won’t be adding those anytime soon.

I did however add one of those annoying “please rate my app” modals. Hopefully I’ll get some ratings that’ll get the app a bit more credibility on the store 🤞

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