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Managing your energy for a better day

Our energy levels naturally dip and peak throughout the day. At the same time, things we do can either make us feel energised or worn out. This can be broken down into both physical and mental exertion.

So it seems that aligning our activities with our energy levels would make for a more productive and overall easier day.

But how could do we do this? It’s hard because it’s so subjective but we’d essentially need to collect data on our energy levels.

A mobile app could help us build up a picture of our energy levels over days and weeks by simply asking how we feel once an hour. This would be intrusive and annoying but it would be one way to gather some base data.

However, rather then requiring us to do this constantly, the app could ask how we feel at certain key times to build a personal energy map over a longer period of time, and in relation to what we’re doing. Eg. after you finish some focussed work, during down time on a Saturday, or before and after exercise etc. It would probably take several months to collect enough data to be meaningful but it wouldn’t be so annoying.

It might then be possible to predict future energy levels which would help us make better decisions when we’re planning out our day.

This would be a lot of setup so the payoff would have to be good! But maybe if the process was streamlined it could be a great tool that could help with productivity, stress and happiness.

When I had this idea I was thinking about how it could be built into Days. I might not do anything with it, but I can’t wait until I’m at the point where I can start trying things like this out!