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Focus & Choosing a Target Audience

Development work on the first version of Days is likely going to take me several months. It’s quite an ambitious project, and since I work full time at a web agency I can only work on it during nights and weekends. This is sort of the reason I’m building Days in the first place – I’m building it for myself and others like me who want to find the time to get their ideas off the ground without burning out.

The amount of work involved seems to keep growing because there are so many ideas I want to incorporate 🙈 In fact, a friend and I put together a 17 page Google Doc detailing the product’s vision and all the cool features it could have. However I’m well aware that the idea isn’t really validated until people are using and getting value from it, and shipping something simple sooner is more important than shipping something perfect later on.

To reduce the scope of the first version, the product needs to have more focus, specifically it needs to target just one audience. The features it will have at launch can then be tailored for this group of users. My first thought was freelancers; they have control over their time and are no doubt already aware that managing it well is important, but I’m not immersed in this world as much as I feel I’d need to be, so instead I’ve decided to go with what I know best; Full time workers starting side projects.

These are going to be people who are passionate, enthusiastic, but with limited time where Days could really make a difference. Next step; start sharing the idea on forums and gather some feedback 👍🏼